Crafts and Industries through the Ages

Aswan Reservoir and the high Dam

Aswan Reservoir and the high Dam The history of Aswan & the High Dam draws a picture of an Egyptian epic that shows the Egyptian historical perseverance to systemize the Nile water and the optimal use of it. Then, proj- ects developed to include electricity generation in the country- side. These projects continued during the 20th century

The women’s emancipation movement went through many stages starting with Kasim Ameen’s enlightening calls in early

20th century, and then having the women taking part in 1919 revolution, working in Journalism and finally giving them all their political rights by the advent of July revolution in 1952.

The July revolution made a great step by nationalizing the Suez Canal which spurred overwhelming Egyptian and Arab passion. In addition, the High Dam appeared to culminate all progressive irrigation mechanisms that had started during Mohamed Ali’s era.

Finally, the 1973 war was launched by Egypt to establish dura-i ble peace that was crowned by signing the Peace treaty in 1979. Since then, Egypt has started a new period of open door policy that was the nucleus for more openness into the free world.

The Metro It is one of the most important mega projects in the

20th century to solve the crowded transport problems. Due to the population. The third line is still underway.

The issue of modernization can be the key approach to study the development of the Egyptian society during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, not only on the superstructure level

in terms of politics and economics but also on the cultural and social levels in terms of clothes, music, songs and the collective consciousness